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HOMECampus life/Academic/daily life consultation

Academic/daily life consultation

Consultation on academic matters

Faculty assigned for student consultation in each division of the school for freshman to senior is available. If you have academic matters to discuss, such as your studies, please feel free to visit the assigned faculty in your division.
In addition, Student Services Center and the Student Consultation Room also provide consultation. Please feel free to visit us as confidentiality is strictly enforced.

Consultation on daily life matters

Student Consultation Room (Administration Bldg. 1st floor)

A clinical psychotherapist is available for your consultation.
You are free to consult us about any concerns from daily life to health matters.
Consultation is on an appointment basis. Please make an appointment by completing an appointment card available at the entrance of the Student Consultation Room and submitting the card to any of following offices: Student Consultation Room, Student Services Canter.

Student consultation office hours
DayOffice hours
TuesdayOpen in the 1st/2nd term12:20 / 16:20
ThursdayOpen in the 1st term9:10 / 16:20
ThursdayOpen in the 2nd term10:50 / 16:20
FridayOpen in the 1st term10:40 / 14:40
FridayOpen in the 2nd term10:40 / 13:00

During school holidays, the consultation schedule may be revised.

* Detailed information on the consultation schedule will be posted on the bulletin board of the Student Consultation Room and the Student Services Center.

* Please check the bulletin board frequently as the consultation schedule may be revised at any time.


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