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HOMECampus life/Health care

Health care

Regular medical checkups

With the regulation of the School Health Law, regular medical checkups will be conducted for all students once a year. Students are strongly encouraged to have checkups as doing so will help to know your own health condition and may lead to the early detection of illness. Students must be aware that the medical certificate necessary for employment, scholarship recommendation, and other requirements will not be issued without a medical checkup.

First aid room (Administration Bldg. 1st floor)

Specialized staff will give first aid advice for injuries and health related matters.

Student counseling room (Administration Bldg. 1st floor)

A clinical psychotherapist is available for consultation.
For details, please refer to Academic/Daily Life Consultation.

University physicians

A physician and a psychiatrist are assigned as university physicians. They will be available for the health care of students including regular medical checkups.

Health insurance card for remote places

Students who live away from their home must apply for a health insurance card for remote places for possible illnesses and accidents as medial care may not be provided without a health insurance card.
Health insurance cards for remote places can be obtained by applying to the employer of parents or local government (in case of national health insurance) accompanied with the student certificate.


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