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University of Shiga Prefecture
2500 Hassaka-cho, Hikone City, Shiga 522-8533 JAPAN Tel: +81-749-28-8200 Fax: +81-749-28-8470

Transportation Information

From JR Minami Hikone Station : 15 minutes by bus / 8 minutes by taxi
From JR Hikone Station : 25 minutes by bus / 10 minutes by taxi

*How to get to JR Minami Hikone Station
- 65 minutes by local train from JR Kyoto Station
- 80 minutes by rapid train from JR Nagoya Station(change train at Maibara)

*How to get to JR Hikone Station
- 50 minutes by New Rapid (Shinkaisoku) from JR Kyoto Station
- 30 minutes by Shinkansen from JR Kyoto Station (get off at Maibara and change train)
- 35 minutes by Shinkansen from JR Nagoya Station (get off at Maibara and change train)
- 2 hours by express train (Tokkyuu) from JR Kanazawa Station (get off at Maibara and change train)



*Visitor car parking only in designated areas.
There are no car parking spaces available for general use next to the individual buildings of each school. If you need to park outside a particular building for the purpose of delivering or picking up equipment or other items, please contact the relevant school in advance.


School of Environmental Science Tel: +81-749-28-8301
School of Engineering Tel: +81-749-28-8351
School of Human Cultures Tel: +81-749-28-8401
School of HUman Nursing Tel: +81-749-28-8631
University Center for Intercultural Education Tel: +81-749-28-8251


2500, Hassaka-cho, Hikone-City, Shiga 522-8533 Japan
TEL 81-0749-28-8200 FAX 81-0749-28-8470 E-mail