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Institute for Promotion of General Education

The Institute provides comprehensive courses in a wide range of fields in order to cultivate their outlook.

Institute for Promotion of General Education Graduate Schools The aim of Institute for Promotion of General Education is to cultivate the humanity and social skills of students so that they can effectively cope with this emerging era of globalization, and act as responsible international citizens of the world. The Institute is in charge of a number of subjects available in common to students of all years. These include English and Second Foreign Languages for cultivating the ability to communicate internationally, and Physical Education and Health Science, which is important for maintaining a sound body and mind. There are several subjects that all students should learn during their college years so as to reach beyond the confines of their own borders and help them extend their own worlds. Foreign language education in English, French, German, Chinese, and Korean, and health and physical education offered by the Institute just such subjects.
Foreign language studies are indispensable for international communication. Students should learn not only English but also another or more of the multitude of world languages. Studying other languages and cultures helps us understand and appreciate our own even more. We hope foreign language studies will create new paths to discover and explore new worlds of knowledge and reason. Language education helps cultivate the ability of students to keep up with the ever more sophisticated and complex information society. Our Language Lab facilities are equipped with new communication information technology including CALL systems and e-learning accessible to all students from any computer on campus at any time of day. These systems are beneficial for students-autonomous ESP and TOEIC studies. Other multimedia resources are also available for intensive and extensive language learning. Besides up-to-date technological resources, the Institute provides close and personal communication between teaching staff and students in small sized classes and contact in office hours. In particular, first-year English classes focus on direct and communicative styles and methods to draw out hidden and latent abilities.
Institute for Promotion of General Education Graduate Schools The mechanization of our daily lives and environmental disruptions has made health and physical education programs increasingly critical subjects. Health and physical life itself have become issues that cannot be solved by individuals, communities, or nations by themselves, but also demand worldwide cooperative attention and consideration. Our physical education facilities are well equipped with training and measuring devices to make the physical education experience both more practical and scientific. The sports facilities combine a pleasing and eco-friendly environment with a rigorous scientific program. Students can participate in summer marine activities and winter ski and snowboarding as part of the academic curriculum.


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