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Graduate School of Human Nursing


Graduate course Graduate school offers four programs.

Fundamental Nursing Science (Research Program)

Research and education on the theoretical evaluation of nursing phenomena, the pursuit of evidence-based nursing skills, and on the methods of nursing interventions based on the empirical and developmental approach.


Life-long Health Nursing (Research Program)

Research and education on the health maintenance support for women and family including mothers and children, on the health promotion of the diseased and their family during stages of childhood, adulthood, and old age, and on the development of innovative nursing systems facilitating support provision during periods of continued medical treatment or recuperation.


Advanced Practice Nursing (Clinical Nurse Specialist Training Program)

Five years of clinical experience is a requisite (three years should be either in chronic disease management or in home-health nursing). On completion of this program, by going through six months of practical training, students become eligible candidates for the annual formal qualification review of certified clinical nurse specialist.


       Chronic Disease Nursing Management

Education of advanced nursing specialists with the ability to provide comprehensive support to meet diverse needs of the chronically ill people to ensure health management while living normal lives.

           Home-Based Nursing Care

Foster competencies focusing on the advanced nursing practice skills to grasp the needs and realities of the home-care patients and families, to respect their fundamental human rights, and to contribute to the promotion of their quality of life.


Midwifery (Nurse Midwife Degree Training Program)

Intended for those who have completed the prescribed courses in nursing. Graduates are qualified to take the national obstetrics examination.  Develop competencies for maternity care practices to ensure safe perinatal care, and safeguard high-risk expectant and/or nursing mothers.




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