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HOMECampus life/Student clubs and circles

Student clubs and circles

The University of Shiga Prefecture is a fairly recently established university. Therefore, in the clubs, members are bound by friendship and good communication, not by ranking of age and school year. Therefore, any student can try what he or she wants to. Sports clubs include the Basketball club, Lacrosse club, Baseball club, Soccer club, etc. Outdoor activities include the Canoe club and Cycling club. Culture clubs include the Fine Arts club, Noh club, ESS, Environmental Study Group, Volunteer activity club, etc. "No tradition: let's create something ourselves". It is the origin of students' motivated minds and particularities.

Brass band
Brass band

Student Consultation Room (Administration Bldg. 1st floor)

KOFUSAI Planning Committee

USP Gymnastic & Sports Clubs(22 Groups)

Men's Volleyball Women's Volleyball Men's Basketball
Men's Tennis Women's Tennis Badminton
Athletic Sports Kendo Japanese Archery
Judo Aikido Baseball
Softball(wiht a head rubber ball) Windsurfing Canoeing
Swimming Golf Table Tennis
Soccer Futsal Gymnastics and Trampoline
Softball Tennis    

Sports Circle(14 Groups)

Basketball Circle "ICE MEN" Tennis Circle "NON-NA-SAI" Hot Chocolate(tennis)
Mo-mo ta-ma(Kin-ball) SKINS(Soccer) New type Circle "Flextime"
Ba-to-min-ton(Badminton) KENDAI squadron Kawanchu"(Fishing)
Cycling Circle "RIN-RIN" Bomcir(Basketball) O-NI-PA-RA(Tag)
CaN(All sports) Futsal Circle "TAMAGO-DON" Cheerleading Circle (Dance)

Cultural Clubs(34 Groups)

Orchestra Brass band Acoustic Sound Club
Big×Band Light Music Noh Play
Dramatic Company"Midnight express" Art ESS
COOL SWEET(aviation seminar) Cheering up meeting for the USP Environmental Management Office
Green consumer Circle LEAFS (environmental activities) Modern Visual Culture seminor
IBUKI Club (volunteer) Harmony (volunteer) Duck club (taking care of ducks)
Blessing (Gospel) Hand Making Circle UTSUWA (ceramics)
Films Unsho (astronomical observation) K'crew (street dance)
Calligraphy Inter Co (cultural exchanging, supporting oversea students Endless Summer (ukulele)
INKOTO (koto) ALI (Music) SAMURUNORI Circle (Korean traditional performing art)
Camera Club Fitness USP. Magic (Magic)
BASSER'S (ridding non-native fish species)    

During school holidays, the consultation schedule may be revised.

* Detailed information on the consultation schedule will be posted on the bulletin board of the Student Consultation Room and the Student Services Center.

* Please check the bulletin board frequently as the consultation schedule may be revised at any time.


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