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HOMECampus life/Consultation on sexual harassment

Consultation on sexual harassment

In order to prevent and eliminate sexual harassment that disturbs the occupational/academic environment of the university, the "Regulation for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the University of Shiga Prefecture" has become law.
You are advised to consult at the consultation office in order to avoid aggravating situations if you face any sexual harassment. The staff will protect your dignity and your privacy.
You may consult the staff regardless of your department or office.
You will not be treated unfairly because of your consultation. If the accused takes any retaliatory actions, the accused will be severely punished.

StaffTheir officeRoom
Yukihiro MatsumotoSchool of Human Nursing, Dept. of Human NursingE1 Bldg. 201
Hideaki MatsushimaSchool of Human Cultures, Dept. of Human RelationsD1 Bldg. 210
Yasuyuki KagotaniSchool of Environmental Science, Dept. of Ecosystem StudiesB3 Bldg. 103
Takeo MatsuokaSchool of Environmental Science, Dept. of Design and ArchitectureB2 Bldg. 207
Satoshi YoshidaSchool of Engineering, Dept. of Materials ScienceC5 Bldg. 105
Shigeyuki MiyagiSchool of Engineering, Dept. of Electronic Systems EngineeringC7 Bldg. 310
Kaoru KawaSchool of Human Cultures, Dept. of Intercultural CommunicationsA1 Bldg. 115
Masao MaruyamaSchool of Human Cultures, Dept. of Human RelationsD3 Bldg. 202
Kaori WatanabeSchool of Human Nursing, Dept. of Human NursingE4 Bldg. 203
Yoko ItojimaSchool of Human Nursing, Dept. of Human NursingE2 Bldg. 205
Kiyoshi MizunoAdmin. Bureau, Student Career Surpport GroupAdmin. Bldg.
2nd floor
Yuko MatsunoAdmin. Bureau, Management Strategy GroupAdmin. Bldg.
2nd floor


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