Regional ICT Research Center for Human, Industry and Future

Introduction of Regional ICT Research Center for Human, Industry and Future

Regional ICT Research CenterRegional ICT Research Center for Human, Industry and Future has been founded at the University of Shiga Prefecture to aim at developments of methods in information and communication technology (ICT), to resolve various problems and to promote developments in rural areas in Japan. We also educate students and citizens in handling high-level ICT methods, along with on-going research activities.
Based on capabilities performed in education and research issues on ICT, mainly in School of Engineering, we target Smart Agriculture, Smart Nursing, Smart Tourism, and Smart Factory, to activate regional economical and resource progresses. Professors majoring at agriculture, nursing and tourism join this institute from Schools of Environments, Nursing, and Human Science, collaborating with researchers at School of Engineering. Focusing resources in our university on the activities in this center, we promote its performances for enhancing current and future outcomes.

Welcome to our page: Regional ICT Research Center for Human, Industry, and Future

Regional ICT Research Center for Human, Industry, and Future, at The University of Shiga Prefecture, is now working with ALL of you, using methods based on information and communication technology, to resolve social/industrial difficulties existing in regional areas in Shiga prefecture as well as in other areas in or close to the country-side in Japan. Together with citizens and companies, we perform research tasks over all the levels from grass-roots problems to state-of-the-art scientific/technological issues, leading to Shiga Models, which will be hopefully expanded to all over Japan and overseas.

Based on historical, cultural, and traditional heritages in Shiga prefecture, and aiming at environmental, health-welfare, tourist and industrial issues, we perform research activities of: agriculture, nursing, sightseeing, and manufacturing factory. All of them includes huge amount of information datasets in variety, and information and communication technology (ICT) is the best solution to tackle problems and developments related to these categories. Analyses procedures, collaborations, and sharing of our achievements will configure possible and optimized models for secure and safe societies, applicable to all other areas in Japan.

On both sides: hardware and software

Introducing typical and designed computers and terminals into our ICT activities, we develop state-of-the-art modelling methods for information science and technology to comprehend and analyse specific tasks.

In principle of Open Innovations:

Based on on-going researches in School of Engineering, interdisciplinary collaborations over Schools of Environments, Human Culture, and Nursing in The University of Shiga Prefecture are currently active. In addition, research institutes and companies outside our university are always welcome to join us in collaborations, with future achievements in open innovations.

For scientific achievements and resultant social outcomes:

Performing activities on state-of-the-art science and technology, we positively apply our achievements to specific and actual fields in societies, leading to total progresses in our lives.

Our research targets:

  • Smart Agriculture ... ICT methods for agriculture fields and data analysis, leading to stable and enhanced harvests, with higher working efficiency
  • Smart Nursing ... Clarification of specific tasks in various fields and developments of technical methods with dataset handling
  • Smart Tourism ... Visualization of sightseeing resources and tourist mobilities, with feasible proposals of area activation
  • Smart Factory ... Along developments and design of Internet of Things (IoT) for factory automation, data acquisition and output predictions in manufacturing industry, together with logistics optimization