Scholarships from Japan Student Services Organization (JSSO)

Two kinds of scholarship: Category 1 loans (interest free) and Category 2 loans (with interest after graduation) are offered, and students with excellent credibility, excellent academic records, and good health but who are having difficulties with their studies for economic reasons can receive loans for school expenses. According to economic situations, both Category 1 loans and Category 2 loans may be available.

- Category 1 loans (interest free)

ClassificationLiving at homeLiving elsewhere
Undergraduate30,000 yen
45,000 yen
30,000 yen
51,000 yen
Graduate1st term Doctoral course50,000 yen
88,000 yen
2nd term Doctoral course80,000 yen
122,000 yen

- Category 2 loans (with interest after graduation)

ClassificationMonthly loan amounts (can be chosen)
Undergraduate30,000 yen 50,000 yen 80,000 yen 100,000 yen 120,000 yen
Graduate50,000 yen 80,000 yen 100,000 yen 130,000 yen 150,000 yen

* Special loan at admission (100,000yen-500,000 yen) is available.

- Application period

The application period starts in the second half of April. Detailed dates will be issued in the future.

* Ad hoc application other than regular application may be accepted if a vacancy occurs.
There is also an emergency application in case of difficulties for school expenses caused by the sudden deterioration of family financial situation, calamity, or other related cause.

- Result of selection

After screening of applicant qualifications by the university, those who pass the screening will be recommended by the president to JSSO.
Those who are selected will be notified. However, those not selected may not be notified.

- Eligibility certification

Every February the application of scholarship continuation must be submitted for the eligibility certificate.
The time and place for the procedure will be posted. Failure to complete formalities within the set period will result in loans ending and scholarship being revoked.

Other Scholarships

Other than the Japan Student Services Organization, institutions that offer scholarships may be available in each prefecture, city, town, and foundations. Information for Scholarship will be posted in the administration Hall. Some organization may not notify university of the information. In that case, contacting each organization directly for information is recommended.

- Major Scholarships

Honors Scholarships for Privately Financed International Students
undergraduatesmonthly amount50,000 yen
graduatesmonthly amount70,000 yen
Heiwado Zaidan Scholarship
monthly amount50,000 yen
Biwako Scholarship
monthly amount20,000 yen