Anna Tian, School of Engineering

Study abroad in Japan : through the eyes of a Chinese student
Anna Tian, School of Engineering

Anna 1 I have been living in Japan for four years now. Before coming to Japan, I studied Japanese in high school for three years because I had planned all along to study at a university in Japan.
Before enrolling at this university, I continued my language studies at a Japanese Language School in Osaka for one and a half years.
Now I am a senior studying chemistry in the Department of Material Science in the School of Engineering. In the future, I would like to continue studying organic chemistry and work for a Japanese cosmetic company.
When I first entered the university, I felt so helpless because I had no friends, and the lectures were very difficult. However, this feeling lasted just a short time as I soon made friends with my Japanese classmates. They were very friendly and we soon started discussing various issues and doing our homework together. In no time, I started to enjoy my life on campus. I am also working part-time after class. This job has allowed me to have a better understanding of Japanese culture and has introduced me to the Japanese work environment.
Anna 2 In my freshman year of college, I took the required courses: Linear Algebra, Calculus, Mechanics and so on. We also could take some elective physical education courses, so I chose tennis and golf.
In my sophomore year there were many specialized subjects that we could choose from. I took Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry.
I had to listen to all the words very carefully to understand the lectures. Soon I realized that my understanding and interest of the subject matter increased week after week. We were required to do some experiments in those classes every week. By doing the experiments, I acquired the knowledge of experimental methodologies, the usages of the pilot machine, and the principles of chemical reactions.
After starting my junior year, I also began to study German as my third foreign language. I plan to continue studying foreign languages because they will be very useful in my future. Besides, I enjoy studying them.
Anna 3 In addition to our studies, there are many extracurricular activities for international students. Every year, the university holds a large school festival. The international students enjoy holding debates, making speeches, and getting to know about our different cultures. This year I was the chairperson of the debate and we held a nice show where the international students wore their countries traditional clothing. I truly feel that my life on campus is very fun and fulfilling.
After graduating, I plan on going to graduate school and would ultimately like to earn a doctorate in organic chemistry. After that, I want to work in a field related to cosmetics and work for a cosmetic firm in Japan, as these companies are well known global brands that are respected in the industry for their sophistication and quality.
I think that my time in Japan has been a very productive life experience for me.

(Autumn, 2009)