Tuition Fees and Tuition Exemption System


- Undergraduates/Graduates

Admission feeApplicants in Shiga Prefecture282,000 yen
Applicants from outside Shiga Prefecture423,000 yen
Tuition fee1st term267,900 yen
2nd term267,900 yen

- Research students

Admission feeApplicants in Shiga Prefecture84,600 yen
Applicants from outside Shiga Prefecture126,900 yen
Tuition feeper month29,700 yen

* Note

1. Failure to pay tuition fees and nonpayment after the reminder will result in expulsion in accordance with school regulations.

2. In case of a leave of absence, withdrawal or other such situations, tuition fees must be paid for the period until the decision is made for to take a leave or withdraw.

3. In case the one-time payment of tuition fees is difficult by special circumstances, monthly installments can be arranged with the permission of the university president. Please contact the Accounting Group for an application during the payment period.

Tuition exemption

For students with extreme difficulties in paying the tuition fee, such as economic problems, natural disasters, or other such reasons, tuition exemption can be arranged with the approval of president if the student's academic record and credibility is judged excellent.
Students who wish to receive exemption must get an application form for exemption and submit it during the following period.

Exemption application period (application submitted after the deadline may not be accepted.)

1. Application of exemption for the 1st term : April

2. Application for exemption for the 2nd term : October

For further information and consultation, please visit Student Services Center.