Projects of the Collaborative Research Center

Promotion of Industrial-Governmental-Academic exchange projects

With the changes of industrial structure by rapid technological innovation and as a result of technological sophistication, the social contribution of universities as a form of sharing of research results and academic information, reeducation of technicians at the graduate level and technology development based on the latest research has attracted industry'fs considerable attention.
The Collaborative Research Center, as a contact point of the university to industry, has presented research contents, accepted collaborative research/entrusted research, provided technical counseling and technical guidance to business and has been actively operating a variety of projects to promote Industrial-Governmental-Academic collaboration.
Furthermore, as the center is furnished with experiment and research rooms, an anechoic room and various analytical instruments, it can provide the ideal environment to effectively conduct research and development.

- The center is a contact point of the university to industry for exchange activities.

- The center publishes a research information journal and organizes industrial-academic collaboration seminars and symposiums for researchers in business for the dissemination of research results.

- The center functions as a contact point for the university to industry for the acceptance of collaborative research/entrusted research.

- The center conducts collaborative research aiming at using theory for practical use by industrial-governmental-academic collaboration for the purpose of creating new industry and revitalizing local industry led by small business.

- The center rents experiment and research rooms, an anechoic room, and experiment and research facilities.

- The center collects and provides guidance on information about cutting-edge technology.