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Graduate School of Human Nursing

In this graduate course, students are expected to pursue the Nursing course with a wide perspective, while basing their deep understandings on dignity of life.
Hence, the objective of this program is to educate Nurses to become capable of resolving issues with strong leadership and professionalism.
By nature, Nursing is studied from practice. In this graduate course, we are offering an educational program where real time practices and research activities are compatible. We strive to develop individuals into advanced nursing practitioners, managers, educators, and researchers, capable of making contributions to various levels of people in both regional and international society.
This program is consists of two courses: Basic Nursing Area and Life long health Area. In "Basic Nursing Area," evaluations and researches on development of Nursing skills provided to individuals, families, and groups will be conducted. Emphasizing Nursing based on evidence. In "Life long health Area," we will conduct researches on family support and Nursing for patients in each of these life stages: adolescents, adults and elders.
Also, for those who are working, night courses, three years certification programs (standard is two years).


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