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Message from the President

Keiichi Ohta  President,The University of Shiga Prefecture The University of Shiga Prefecture is located on the shores of Lake Biwa. It is a virtual garden setting, with the lake's water flowing through the circular moat that quietly passes through the beautiful green campus grounds. We are pleased to have 4 schools, each with 1 to 5 departments... teaching more than 2,800 students.

While the university sits on over 86 acres of land, our place of learning is not fixed just to the campus. The massive Lake Biwa and its surroundings is our true campus. It is on this enormous campus where through instruction, research, and out of class activities we can learn from nature and those who live in harmony here. Since our founding in 1995, USP′s standing educational motto is, ″Our campus is Lake Biwa...and our text is Humanity″, which we clearly put in to practice here.

Lead by this motto and driven by a push to systematically learn about our region, we have created a number of minor areas of study for our undergraduates as well as our graduates. Among these minor areas is the ″Omi Gakushi″ (Regional Studies) one who is knowlegeable about the Omi region for the undergraduates and the ″Omi Kanjin″ (Community Architect) Program for our graduates.

These minor areas of study allow our students to participate in independent extra-curricular activities like the ″Omi Rakuza″ (student farm) or working alongside people in the community to tackle and resolve the many challenges of the region. The goal for our graduates is to train them in becoming leaders in community development. Whichever the minor area is, it is vital to facilitate meaningful communication with others to achieve the fullest of learning experiences. Without question, communication plays the most important role throughout our lives as we interact in society.

Meaningful communication does not mean just simply discussion. It is the process of fully understanding the ideas of others, thinking for yourself, and then conveying those thoughts back again with exactness. In order to fully understand the ideas of others, one must expand his or her own scope of knowledge. Thinking for yourself requires a logical thought process. And finally, conveying your thoughts with exactness entails a strong ability to express yourself. Please allow yourself to gain knowledge, develop your own ideas and then convey them by seizing each and every learning opportunity that awaits you.
In today′s globalizing world, the ability to communicate with people living abroad is extremely important. Understanding other cultures and learning to coexist harmoniously has become essential. To achieve this, I also want to encourage you to endeavor to train yourself in other languages.

I have high expectations that you will all take the initiative in your studies.

Keiichi Ohta
President,The University of Shiga Prefecture

Dr. Keiichi Ohta: Born 1942 in Yamaguchi Prefecture. He received his PhD at the Department of Agriculture through the Graduate School of Nagoya University. His specialization is Environmental Science. His doctoral dissertation: ″Studies on the piscicidal components of Justicia Hayatai var. decumbens.″


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