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Course in Ecosystem Conservation

The division of mechanical systems engineering establishes, considering the existing research field, three courses: the course in energy engineering; the course in design engineering; and the course in production engineering. With flexible processes in the courses and coordinating among the courses, the division aims to provide advanced educational research based on mechanical engineering. Research fields, faculty and research contents for each course are listed in the following table.

Course Title Research Filed Research Contents
Energy Engineering Energy and power Aiming at clean, high efficiency energy transformation system, research on bio diesel engine and wind/solar hybrid power system in addition to the analysis of combustion mechanism of engine have been research topics.
Continuum mechanics  Research in the flow developed around objects and inside pipes has been implemented by both experiment and simulation. The subject of research reaches multiphase flow and creature flow. Practical issues such as water quality improvement of lakes and marshes and the reduction of fluid induced noise have also been studied.
Design Engineering Functional design engineering  In order to design safe, reliable and highly functional machines, static/dynamic strength design method and structure/mechanism design methods have been topics of study.
Human Friendly Design Engineering  Based on the technology to measure, analyze, and control vibration and machine generated noise, the movement of machines and the movement of the living body, research on the design of machines that consider human characteristics and relations to humans has been implemented.
Mechatronics Research on design methods of robust control, adaptive control and control system adapted nonlinear phenomena represented by chaos and fractal, and research development to apply those design methods to a device for human welfare represented by the electric powered wheelchair have been implemented.
Polymer and Environment Chemistry Intelligent Mechanics  Having future intelligent production system in view, production software of the network age, ecodesign and life cycle design have been research topics.
Production System  Aiming at high precision, efficient processing and automated unmanned operation of machine processing, research in the analysis of processing phenomenon for laser heat treatment, drilling processing, endmill processing and cutting processing of stone, design and development of new tools and development and control of intelligent machine tool have been carried out.
Applied Mathematics Based on differential geometry and Fourier analysis, research on mathematical issues in engineering and physics has been conducted.


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