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Course in Bio-resource Management

Investigating conditions that enable maintaining high productivity while minimizing negative environmental impact in animal and plant production, education and research will be implemented aiming at the establishment of advanced techniques and methodologies for sustainable production. The course includes four research fields: plant genetic resources, plant resources management, animal resources management, and production environment management.

Research FiledResearch Contents
Plant Genetic Resources Research includes gene discovery and basic research on the use of transgenic plants for sustainable crop production. Discovery of environmental stress tolerance genes, identification and introduction to main crops, research on nutrient-absorbing genes and introduction to main crops by molecular biological methods, the development of environment purification function of plants, and the analysis of form/function of the root system of crop plants will be studied.
Animal Recourses Management The field researches animal production that enables sustainable agriculture with consideration for environmental conservation. Emphasis is on nutritional physiological research to improve feed efficiency of livestock, utilization as feed of undeveloped resource by using fungus, and research in animal and plant resources recycle such as livestock wastes.
Production Environment Management Pest management emphasizing biological control for the creation of sustainable agriculture in harmony with environment will be studied. Biological research on animals, especially on insects outbreaks and population fluctuation, research on the dynamics of correlation between plants and insects and its mechanism, the analysis and utilization of mechanisms of response to fungus’s environment which brings dissolution of environmental pollutants and sorocarp development will also be implemented.


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