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Division of Mechanical Systems Engineering

Course TitleSubject TitleFacultyResearch Contents
Energy Engineering Mechanical engineering special practice Prof. Yasunari Takano
Prof. Kohji Yaname
Asst. Prof. Hisato Minamigawa
Energy and power field
Aiming at clean, high efficient energy transformation system, research on bio diesel engines and wind/solar hybrid power systems in addition to the analysis of combustion mechanism of engines has been conducted.
Continuum mechanics field
Based on fluid physics, the fluid dynamics of multiphase flow and the correlation among gas-liquid-solid have been research topics. Research on the movement of organisms and surrounding flow has also been conducted.
Mechanical systems engineering special research Prof. Yasunari Takano
Prof. Kohji Yamane
Design Engineering Mechanical engineering special practice Prof. Yoshio Miyoshi
Prof. Yutaka Kurita
Asst. Prof. Tohru Takamatsu
Functional design engineering field
In order to design safe, reliable and highly functional machines, static/dynamic strength design methods and structure/mechanism design methods have been studied.
Human Friendly Design Engineering field
Based on technology to measure/analyze/control vibration and machine-generated noise, the movement of machines and movement of the living body, research on the design of machines which considers human characteristics and relations to humans has been conducted.
Mechatronics field
Research on design method of robust control, adaptive control and control system adapted nonlinear phenomena represented by chaos and fractal, and research development to apply those design methods to welfare device represented by electric powered wheelchairs have been conducted.
Mechano- Informatics special practice Prof. Katsuyuki Tanaka
Mechanical systems engineering special research Prof. Yoshio Miyoshi
Prof. Kastuyuki Tanaka
Prof. Yutaka Kurita
Production Engineering Mechano-Informatics special practice Prof. Heisaburoh Nakagawa
Prof. Yasuo Matsushita
Prof. Susumu Okumura
Asst. Prof. Takio Tanaka
Intelligent Mechanics field
Having future intelligent production systems in view, production software of the network age, ecodesign and life cycle design have been research topics.
Production System field
Aiming at high precision, efficient processing and automated, unmanned operation of machine processing, research in the analysis of processing phenomenon for laser heat treatment, drilling processing, endmill processing and cutting processing of stone, design/development of new tools and development/control of intelligent machine tool has been conducted.
Applied Mathematics field
Based on differential geometry and Fourier analysis, research in mathematical issues in engineering and physics has been the focus.
Mechanical systems engineering special research Prof. Heisaburo Nakagawa


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