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Course in Biosphere Environment

The course explores the dynamics of air, water and soils as components of the biosphere in relation to changes in global and local environment, evaluates environmental characteristics as a dominating factor of existence and distribution of organisms, and investigates fundamental conditions for ecosystem conservation and biological production.

Research Filed Research Contents
Atmosphere and Hydrosphere Research on global environmental changes with the hydrologic cycle in the landsphere and hydrosphere, and atmosphere as a key word.
Research also includes changing processes at the global level and local characteristics of the hydrologic cycle, an essential environmental factor for human activities and biological existence; hydrological, geomorphological, and geological processes when rainwater penetrates into ground and flows as river water; meteorological/climatological issues on changes in the climate system and rainfall environment; and other topics.
Water Resource and Water Environment The field explores methods to create sustainable local environments in harmony with the larger environment. To be more specific, education and research will be provided in the following fields emphasizing the water environment of water resources and water quality: soil physical environmental management and conservation in the vegetation; low energy input water resource management and conservation; the purification of environmental pollutants using soil resources; the purification of lakes and marshes/rivers through effective use of water resources; analysis of transfer mechanism of soil materials by understanding soil porosity characteristics; the creation of environmentally harmonious atmosphere-soil-water management system; and related topics.
Soil and Plant System Understanding the function of soil as a producer or decomposer by investigating interaction between animal/plant and microorganism in the soil. Furthermore, issues concerning soil today such as soil contamination, soil performance evaluation and enhancement in a society with an environmentally-sound material cycle, the environmental dynamics of pesticides and other materials, and the measurement and evaluation of acid precipitation will be research topics.


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